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Description of Resplendent Registrar:

Resplendent Registrar for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME offers a very complete and safe solution to administrators and power users for maintaining the registry on both their desktops as well as on remote computers on their network.Apart from common features, like those offered by the native registry editors(regedit.exe and regedt32.exe) this program offers a solution for backing up andrestoring registries, fast background search and replace, a bookmark editor withcategories which supports key coloring and adding descriptions to registry keysand values, detailed property pages, tools for easy navigation. The programoffers multi-level undo so all registry changes can be individually undone.When running on Windows NT or 2000, it will support all its security features byoffering editors to change registry key permissions, auditing and ownership. Aregistry monitor logs changes made to the registry by external applications. Abuilt-in registry defragmentation tool will reclaim wasted space and help keepyour system running smoothly.The program comes in an attractive explorer-style interface which is highlycustomizable.

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