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Resource BuilderThat was long waited since Borland Resource WorkShop 4.5 is happened. Now you have full completed tool for building RC scripts and resource files for your applications.Resource Builder features include:Bitmaps with any color count: Allows to have in resources bitmaps with any color count without restrictions appeared in Borland Image Editor and Borland Resource WorkShop.Custom Icons size: Allows to have icons with any width and any height forget about restrictions to use only Windows supported icons.Custom Cursors sizes: Allows to build cursors with custom sizes.Custom color count in Icons and Cursors: Allows to build icon and cursors with any color count you want (this version allows to have up to 256 colors).Embedded editors: Allows to use embedded editors for common resource types, such as: BITMAP ICON CURSOR STRINGTABLE MENU ACCELERATORS DIALOG VERSIONINFOJPEG support: Resource Builder can display and edit JPEG images in your resources.Import resources: Allows to import resources from existing WIN32 executables (EXE, DLL, ...), 32-bit and 16-bit resource files (RES, DCR).Graphic conversion: Allows to save cursors and icons in any graphic format from: BMP, CUR and ICO.Text editor: Allows to edit resources as text in RC format.RC files: Stores information in RC script files, so you can use them as usual scripts in any third-party applications. Embedded Compiler: Embedded compiler supports any RC format and is more stable and more correct than many existing compilers.

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