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Description of Protean IDE:

Protean IDE is a powerful Integrated Development Environment for Blitz Basic and possibly other languages in the future. Protean is a "Visual" style IDE with many features, including, but not limited to:

Support for Blitz Plus, Blitz 2D and Blitz 3D.; Can load documents from different versions of Blitz Basic at the same time. Allowing you to edit projects under any version of Blitz you need.; Supports Declaration Files (UserLibs); Blitz Language Tools including UserLibs Viewer and Language Editor.; InfoTip support shows help as you type. For built in functions and user defined functions.; AutoList support displays all known Blitz keywords, including those declared in code.; Code Folding and Regioning.; Blitz Basic XML commenting support for Function, Types, Labels and Constants.; Blitz Basic XML commenting support in user libraries for InfoTip support.; Blitz Basic XML template insert when typing ; before a Function, Type, Label or Constant.; Generic History Editor for keeping track of your application and version history. Uses an intermediate format for saving the history to disk, can be output to just about any document format.; Tabbed MDI Layout.; Intelligent Code Indenting.; Scope Completion.; Project Manager.; Project Configurations for different release models of your application.; Advanced Expression Evaluator.; Full HTML Help, totaling over 150 HTML documents for the IDE alone.; Optional Line Numbers.; Gutter Margin.; Project Manager handles versioning for you.; Scope Matching.; Export Blitz Basic code to HTML, with folding intact.; Massive Multi-Level undo.; Discovery of Functions, Types and Labels across includes in Blitz Basic when using the Project Manager.; Powerful dockable user interface.; Massive project options and configuration support.; Plus much, much more!
For more information, please see the Protean website:
Protean IDE Site

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