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Description of Power Assembler 32:

Power Assembler is an IDE program shell for assembly language programming. It is able to free a programmer from manually entering enormous heaps of assembler and linker command line options. Power Assembler works with two most popular assemblers: Borland (Inprize) Turbo Assembler (version 4.0 and/or higher) and Microsoft Macro Assembler (version 6.14 and higher).

Power Assembler IDE offers you a convenient and powerful editor autoindent, autosave, context menu, syntax highlight, saving files in rich text format and other useful features. Power Assembler interface can be configured for your convenience - just create your own toolbar buttons and background images and place them in toolbars folder. Toolbars may also be repositioned.

Furthermore, Power Assembler provides a lot of such features as inspector (source code navigating and editing tool), code library (categorized storage for frequently used code structures), templates base (categorized storage for templates), set of tools (frequently used applications), and much more. You can also attach external assembly language help file.

Power Run feature will translate, link and run your assembler application. All assembler and linker errors and warnings are displayed in errors window which allows to find it in source code with double click. Errors can be automatically translated to other languages.

For more information visit Power Assembler 32 official web-site at http://pasm.cjb.net.

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