Enhanced editor for editing/browsing classes for Borland Delphi.




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Description of OPEdit:

OPEdit is a software tool to aid developers in writing Delphi OOP code in aneasy visual way. It consists of a text editor that is very similar toDelphi's editor, and a Diagram editor that shows graphically connectionsbetween classes in code (similar to UML Class Diagrams). It uses a roundtripengineering, all changes in code are reflected in diagrams, and vice versa.

Some other features: ; Class browser ; Unit browser ; Browsers a updated live as the source is changed ; Class Diagrams Class Diagrams are automatically generatated and layed out. ; Class digrams are always kept in sync with the source code. ; Visual editing of class/unit members from editor, browsers and diagrams ; Class or unit members can be navigated to, from browsers or within the editor. ; Code formatting ; Delphi projects can be scanned for unused units ; All menu and most editor shortcuts can be reassigned ; External applications can be run from a tools menu ; Syntax highlighting ; Copy as html/rtf ; Export as html/rtf ; Command line compiler support for automating builds ; Supports Delphi For .Net DCCIL compiler

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