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iCodeRepository is an excellent source code snippets and tips manager for programmers. This software also offers useful programming tools to further a




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Description of iCodeRepository 11-15:

iCodeRepository is an excellent source code snippets and tips manager designed specifically for programmers. This programming tool offers essential features which programmers use on a daily basis. iCodeRepository can make your programming tasks faster and more convenient, thus improving productivity.  After purchase it you will get a rich code repository which includes tons of code snippets and tips, and you are able to apply it to your project immediately. 

Other than a source code snippets and tips manager, iCodeRepository also offers some useful tools to further assist programmers.
txt2html  Convert the source of files to HTML format with syntax highlighting,
Color Picker  Offer the easiest and quickest way to pick color,
Mini Spy++  Get Window information,
File Killer  Delete garbage files in your hard disk,
Clipboard Monitor  Monitor the clipboard text,
More tools will be added in future versions.

iCodeRepository has a built-in text editor which supports 34 languages' syntax highlighting: Ada, AML, ASM, Basic, BAT, Blue, Clipper, COBOL, C++, C#, Dataflex, Eiffel, FORTRAN, HLBL, INI, Java, JSP, LIMBO, LISP, Object Pascal, Modula2, Paradox, Perl, PHP, PL1, Progress, Python, REBOL, REXX, RUBY, Smalltalk, SQL, VHDL, XML. It can open files of unlimited size (dependent only on memory) and undo/redo counts are adjustable. Other useful functions include showing the line number, adjusting the tab size, wrap/no wrap, indent right/indent left, comment block/uncomment block... Whether you're a c/c++/c# programmer, vb programmer, or web developer... you will find this text editor surprisingly powerful!

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