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Description of epcEdit (private/academic use):

A fast, platform independent editor for XML and SGML documents is available - epcEdit. With its fully programmable interface, epcEdit is not only meant for specialists in publishing, technical documentation or translations - even casual users can benefit from this flexible and inexpensive solution.

epcEdit allows the simple creation, editing, validation and conversion of these documents. The built-in table editor for CALS and HTML tables makes working with epcEdit even easier.

epcEdit's useful features are due to its advantageous program architecture. Its kernel was programmed in C and C++ and the XML/SGML functionality lies in the program library. The user interface was programmed entirely in Tcl/Tk. With the source code, users can adapt the user interface to meet their specific requirements.

Although epcEdit was conceived for processing individual documents, its extreme flexibility also allows integration - for example into Content Management or Publishing Systems.

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