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Help Authoring Tool from Anet
with HTML Help NOW!
AnetHelpTool is an easy to learn and use WYSIWYG help authoring system. It creates RTF, WinHelp and HTML Help files from a single project. Help file developed in AnetHelpTool can be converted in the set of HTML files for uploading on Web server for the hypertext documentation become available for Internet/Intranet users.

It has two modes: Runtime and Design, both WYSIWYG.

In Design mode you can create and edit your document. In Runtime you can compile your help files.

Runtime mode emulates real WinHelp environment. Even before compiling, your document will look like an actual help file. You will be able to jump from topic to topic, look at History and manipulate help file during construction.

Switching back to Design mode enables editing, graphics insertion (easy to do with Image Gallery utility, given as a bonus to Anet HelpTool users ), attribute changes, i.e. fonts, colors, etc.

I downloaded several help authoring tools from the web recently, and found yours by far to be easiest to use. After figuring out what a help file actually consists of, your program couldn't be more straightforward, and the WYSIWYG format is unbeatable..." (Andrew Kronquist)

Incomparable at only $199.

For more product information, visit the AnetHelpTool home page.

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