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CodeCharge is a powerful code generator that helps web developers and non-programmers create database-driven web applications in a matter of hours.You may use it to easily create any types of web forms and grids, such us User Registration Form for the web site or an Event List, or you may generate full featured Employee Directories, Forums and Task Management Systems up to advanced Online Auctions, Stores, Portals and Intranets. In fact, CodeCharge comes with many of such solutions already pre-built and you may easily customize them to your needs. CodeCharge works by letting you select database fields to be included on each web page and specifying how they should interact. It then generates database-driven, dynamic websites in many server-programming languages such as ASP, ColdFusion, JSP, PHP and Perl.CodeCharge is a great solution for web developers, Internet consultants, application programmers, and webmasters who develop database-driven web applications. And while helping experienced developers greatly reduce their development time, CodeCharge also offers an easy way to learn web programming for those who like to study and modify generated code.CodeCharge supports all relational databases, including Oracle, Sybase, mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access through connection via ODBC, JDBC, or ADO.

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