XML Converter with command-line interface

XML Converter allows you to create XML document that will content the same data as your original MS Excel workbook, MS Access database, MS Word docume




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Description of XML Converter with command-line interface:

The XML Converter is a data converting software lets the user to interactively create a data transformation. It allows you to use XML documents by exporting source data into XML file. XML Converter is a mapping and conversion tool, which manages all dialects of XML such as DTD(document type definition), XSD(XML Schema Definition), and XML formats. It is used for quickly building application integration solutions. It will allow you to map and integrate some types of data to XML document with command-line interface.The XML Converter with command-line interface is a part of RustemSoft XML Converter Professional Edition. It is the executable module that runs within the console window or DOS-batch command file. Using the software you will be able to call XML Converter strictly from your own application, with no user interface, allowing you to convert Data Source to XML in batch mode. XML Converter quickly and easily converts source data types include the following: Microsoft Excel spreadsheetsMicrosoft Access databasesMS Word documentText file

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