Xb2.NET Enterprise + SQLExpress Enterprise (bundle)

Special bundle package including Enterprise versions of Xb2.NET and SQLExpress for Xbase++ (a 32bit multithreaded compiler for Windows), see: http://w




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Description of Xb2.NET Enterprise + SQLExpress Enterprise (bundle):

This is a special bundle package including the Enterprise versions of Xb2.NET and SQLExpress
SQLExpress is an object-oriented ODBC wrapper that provides your Xbase++ application with seamless connectivity to a variety of SQL Database Management Systems. With SQLExpress you will be able to create industrial strength client/server applications using MS SQLServer, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix, MySQL and many other data sources that are accessible through ODBC.
Xb2.NET includes a complete object-oriented sockets library that provides a protocol-independent base for developing virtually any kind of communications software. The library also includes a native Xbase++ Telnet, HTTP and SOAP server. With Xb2.NET there is no need to configure and manage complex 3P web servers, gateways and CGI scripts. Your Xbase++ application is the server!
Both products include an unlimited developer site license plus full source code.

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