Titan Database Interface(tm) for Microsoft Access(r)

The Titan Database Interface for Microsoft Access is a set of database components that provide high-speed database performance




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Description of Titan Database Interface(tm) for Microsoft Access(r):


The Titan Database Interface is a software developer's tool that provides highly optimized database access components for the Borland Delphi? and C++? Builder development environments.

This release of Titan provides a set of tools that provide high-speed performance when working with Microsoft Access databases. Titan maximizes application performance by making native calls through the Microsoft Data Access Objects (DAO) layer. The Titan interface is highly optimized to talk directly with the DAO, delivering optimized access to data files. All of the Delphi and C++ Builder data-aware controls are fully functional both at design and run-time so that you can see the data in your tables as you assemble your application. With Titan, one can avoid the details of COM programming and focus on the application.

A great benefit of Titan is the developer can now use the wealth of available tools that were developed for the Borland Database Engine. When you combine Titan together with Delphi or C++ Builder, there may be no better, faster way to build applications using Access databases.

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