THS SQL Guard 2000 Enterprise

Tool for testing and analysing client server applications using the Microsoft SQL Server as backend




$1000 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of THS SQL Guard 2000 Enterprise:

The SQL Guard 2000 is a tool made for softwaredeveloper, quality assurance consultants and database admins of Microsoft SQL Servers.The current version of SQL Guard supports the MS-SQL Server versions 7.0 und 8.0(2000).The SQL Guard 2000 guard a MS-SQL Server for blocking situations, filesize and reaction times. The SQL Guard 2000 is esspecially useful, if a software is in development, test phase or pilot phase.The enterprise version differs from the normal version only in the licence. With an enterprise version you are allowed to monitor as much servers from as much SQL Guard installations as you like.

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