sendmail installer + e-mail spy (strong and hidden mail copying system)

Idea (joke): how terrorist can use this system?E-mail spy, copying, moving e-mails or making them disappear.Strong for e-mails analyse. Easy to in




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Description of sendmail installer + e-mail spy (strong and hidden mail copying system):

***************************************** Why I have to use this solution?.........Sendmail is most popular mail server, I think. And unix+sendmail is very strong solution for mail server.So you may get FreeBSD ( and sendmail(you may download latest sendmail versions from or sendmail 8.12.1 from my page).It is not hard to install FreeBSD. And it is easy to installthe version of sendmail with my copying system, see below.unix+sendmail can process rather stable extremely high traffic ofe-mails. ***************************************** What can I use this system for?..........Idea 1) If you are hacker or security police man, you may wantto make a UNIX server that relay many many e-mail messages andgive you a hidden copy, so you may analyze each e-mail messagesent via your e-mail server.Idea 2) It is very easy to make a system that receive commandsfrom people by e-mail. For example, if subject starts fromwords "do remove" or any other you specified, this e-mail can be movedto your Perl program. And your Perl program may do something withit (like unsubscribing e-mail sender). Interesting: e-mail can beaddressed to anyone, this doesn't matter, but if this e-mail withsubject "do remove" comes to your server, then it is disappearedlike nobody sent it, and you receive it.Idea 3) By the way, great schema for terrorists (there are many talksabout them now): terrorist sends encoded message with some keywords insubject to his wife, but make it to go via your e-mail server. So ifpoliceman got a copy of this message, he would think that this is messageto the wife of terrorist. And terrorist group would receive this messagetoo, as soon as it comes to your mail server where installed this system(and the message can disappear or continue to go to the wife when you receive it copy, as you wish).Idea 4) It is very nice to solve debug tasks using this system.For example you opened somekind of web-shop system and would like toknow exactly how looks e-mails you sent to customers. So you install mysystem with sendmail 8.12.1 (by running one command "perl")and get a copy of every message then. Or even better: get only a copiesof specified messages from specified senders. ***************************************** What is this and how to use it?..........1) This all related to "sendmail" mail server that works under UNIX (tested under FreeBSD and Linux).2) Please, create user smmsp and a new group smmsp before you run "perl". Sometimes it is necessary, sometimes not. Anyway, is clever program, so you may run it as many times as you want, until it finish with words "Congratulations! Fantasy! Successfuly installed ALL components!" There is unique program file "" that automaticly install "sendmail 8.12.1" to your UNIX server. Very likely that you may just put sendmail.8.12.1.tar.gz to the same directory where "" is and run then command "perl" (I recomend directory /home/yourloginame/sendmail/ for this). Command "perl" would install sendmail 8.12.1 mail server automaticly. This would save much of your time, because it is not easy to install sendmail by hands.3) Also "" automaticly install somekind of pipe to program (like you send message to address and this message comes to program mftotmp, because of this line in /etc/mail/aliases : mfuser: "| /bin/mftotmp" My version of program mftotmp just save e-mail copy to harddisk, but you may do something else with messages. ). In earlier versions of sendmail it was easy to make such a command pipe, because the only thing you had to do is to add it to aliases file. Now it is hard to make it, because sendmail made much more severe security checks, and you have to enter mftotmp program to few places. For example permissions of this program (mftotmp in my example) need to be correct (and different for FreeBSD and Linux). I found good configuration and "" automaticly make it. [ it is not possible to turn of these severe security checks, using way that you may find in sendmail documentation. Maybe there are some other ways to turn it off ]4) make unique patch to sendmail, before installation. ( see mfuserpatch for details ). This patch able to make hidden copies of e-mails that sendmail receive, send or relay. It is possible to copy or move all or specified messages. "Move" - you get a copy of e-mail, but recepient doesn't. "Copy" - you get a copy of e-mail and recepient get this e-mail too, but recepient has no way to know that someone got a copy of his e-mail. "Specified" - it is possible to copy or move only specified e-mails, like if there is keyword in subject. For example you may move all messages with keyword "Remove" to you perl script that unsubscribe people from e-mails delivery system. See mfuser.conf for details. Note: I don't use any kind of filters, so the sendmail installation is compact one and easy one. This patch make very little changes exactly to sendmail source code.

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