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Enough! We offer you the script capable to solve these problems! This script will be useful for you anytime and anywhere.
Why do you need this script?
Some Features of PML v1.5:Easy to install; You?ll always be able to know which modules are installed on your server.; You?ll always be able to control whether your hosting company is telling you truth or lies, while promising large lists of the modules installed.; You?ll always be able to check the versions of the modules installed.; You?ll always be able to know your Perl version.; You?ll always be able to know the paths to the libraries and the Perl modules.; In order to get all this information you won?t need the Shell, neither the Telnet access. You won?t need the root rights on the Hosting.; To install and use this script, you shouldn?t know the Perl or some other programming languages, neither the *nix architecture.

To get the system installed you should only place the script in your folder on the server, then install the execution rights (755 or rwx-rx-rx) and get the script started from a windows of your browser, for instance:

You can purchase this product right away! Having bought it once, you?ll use it constantly, and believe us: this product will solve many of your problems now and in the future.

We guarantee you the quality and absence of failures!

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