OraEdit PRO

OraEdit PRO is a development environment and debugger for Oracle PLSQL source code.




$99 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of OraEdit PRO:

OraEdit PRO is an editor and debugger for Oracle PLSQL source code. With OraEdit PRO, code can be edited and compiled directly from the database. Any PL/SQL object, including triggers, packages, procedures and functions, can be run in the debug mode. OraEdit PRO includes a powerful Code Completion engine (IntelliSense) that assists in object editing and creation by providing floating lists with keywords, objects, and fields. An advanced Tip feature proposes words based on the current activity. OraEdit PRO also provides an interface to your favorite Version/Source control system, functions like Check In, Check Out, Lock, Add, Remove, etc. are supported.

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