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Description of OraDirect .NET Data Provider:

OraDirect .NET is data provider to direct access to Oracledatabase server for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It completelybased on ActiveX Data Objects for the .NET Framework (ADO.NET)technology. ADO.NET provides a rich set of components for creatingdistributed, data-sharing applications. It is an integral part ofthe .NET Framework, providing access to relational data, XML, andapplication data.
OraDirect .NET data provider can be used in the same way as theSQL Server .NET or the OLE DB .NET Data Provider.
OraDirect .NET uses Oracle Call Interface (OCI) directly. OCI islow-level native application programming interface to access toOracle database. Using OCI allows to create lightweight and fastapplications working with Oracle.
OraDirect .NET provides functionality for connecting to Oracledatabase, executing commands, and retrieving results.Those results can be processed directly, or placed in an ADO.NETDataSet for further processing while in a disconnected state. Whilein the DataSet, data can be exposed to the user, combined with otherdata from multiple sources, or passed remotely between tiers. Anyprocessing performed on the data while in the DataSet can then bereconciled to Oracle database.
OraDirect .NET data provider is designed to be lightweight. Itconsists of a minimal layer between Oracle database and your code.This extends functionality without sacrificing performance.
There are four core objects that make up a OraDirect .NET dataprovider. Following is the description of those objects and theirfunction.
OraConnection - Establishes a connection to Oracle database and can begin a transaction.
OraCommand - Executes a SQL or PL/SQL statements and stored procedures at Oracle database, and exposes parameters.
OraDataReader - Exposes and reads a forward-only stream of data from Oracle database.
OraDataAdapter - Populates a DataSet and resolves updates with Oracle database.
Along with the core classes listed above, a OraDirect .NET dataprovider also contains the classes listed below.
OraCommandBuilder - A helper object that will automatically generate command properties of a OraDataAdapter or will derive parameter information from a stored procedure and populate the OraParameters collection of a OraCommand object.
OraException - Returned when an error is encountered at Oracle database. For an error encountered at the client, OraDirect .NET data provider throws a .NET Framework exception.
OraParameter - Defines input, output, and return value parameters for commands and stored procedures.
OraTransaction - Enables you to enlist commands in transactions at Oracle database.

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