mxODBC - Python ODBC Interface 2.0.x (1 CPU License)

mxODBC provides Python programmers with an easy to install and simpleto use yet powerful platform independent interface to ODBC data sources.




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Description of mxODBC - Python ODBC Interface 2.0.x (1 CPU License):

mxODBC is an extension package that provides a Python Database API compliant interface to ODBC 2.0-3.5 capable database drivers and managers. It is part of the professional quality mx Extensions for Python.

In addition to the capabilities provided through the standard DB API it also gives access to a rich set of catalog methods which allow you to scan the database for tables, procedures, etc. Furthermore, it uses the mxDateTime Python package (also part of the mx Extensions for Python) for date/time value interfacing eliminating most of the problems these types normally introduce (other in/output formats are available too).

The 2.0 version of the mxODBC interface allows you to interface to more than one database from one process. On Unix, it includes a varity of preconfigured setups for the commonly used ODBC managers iODBC and unixODBC. On Windows, mxODBC supports the MS ODBC manager. See the product page for details.

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