LinkFerret Network Monitor

LinkFerret is a high performance, real time Ethernet/802.11B packet sniffer and protocol analyzer for Windows 98/ME/2000 and NT 4.




$249 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of LinkFerret Network Monitor:

The capabilities of the LinkFerret monitoring tool have been extended to provide support for both Ethernet and 802.11B networking. Backed by fifty years of in-house driver development experience, Baseband Technologies has created a set of custom drivers that provide true promiscuous 802.11B frame capture. All of the essential wireless monitoring functionality, including signal monitoring, channel scannning, and WEP decryption, are supported. With one tool, the two most common network topologies can be thoroughly covered. No plug-ins or add-ons are required.

LinkFerret provides the frame capture functionality that is typically found only in monitoring products many times its cost and it supports a variety of standard trace file and report formats that make it easy to capture, store and share network traffic data.

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