GDIdb (Commercial use)

GDIdb- Web/Database publishing over a dial-up Internet connection




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Description of GDIdb (Commercial use):

GDIdb provides a unique solution for creating a database driven web site using a dial-up Internet connection without server scripts or programming. * ODBC compatible (Access, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, dBase etc * Total control of web site design and link structure possible- can represent a multi-table relational database as a structure of hyperlinked HTML. * Can also be used to keep a server-side (flat file) database in sync with a local database. * Once configured, database may be published on the web with a single click, or even to a pre-set schedule of unattended publishing. * FTP Changed-only update feature allows large sites to be updated without uploading the whole site contents. Web pages are automatically added/removed from the web server as the database grows/shrinks.

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