Database Architect for SQLBase

Database tool for developers, administrators and documentation authors providing schema information, data retrievel and manipulation, query builder an




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Description of Database Architect for SQLBase:

Database Architect for SQLBase is a tool designed for database developers, SQLBase administrators and database documentation authors simplifying and supporting work with SQLBase from Gupta Technologies. The Schema Explorer shows full details and entity relationship diagrams of the database schema. Print detailed as well as full Schema documentation or create PDF documentation files. Automatically generate a set of HTML pages for a complete, navigable database documentation. The Data Explorer displays current database data providing individual selection and sorting and allows data manipulation like inserting, updating and deleting data rows. The Query Builder supports creating reusable, complex queries supported by a Join Assistant. The SQLTerminal aloows you executing SQL statements and review the results (result set data for SELECTs) and the execution plan. SQLBase auditing enables performance analysis on a database or server. The SQLBase Administration dialogs provide easy-to-use, dialog based SQLBase server and database administration tasks like creating, deleting, importing and exporting SQLBase databases.

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