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The Pixbyte Burning SDK is a State of the Art CD/DVD Recorder Software Development Kit.




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Description of Pixbyte Burning SDK:

The Pixbyte Burning SDK is a "State of the Art" CD/DVD Recorder Software Development Kit. The Pixbyte Burning SDK has been developed based on the Philips CD Recording Books. This includes the Whitebook, Redbook, Yellowbook and others. If you need to add recording capabilities to your application, the Pixbyte Burning SDK should be your first pick. It is one of the most comprehensive burning packages available. The Burning SDK burns data, audio and video CDs or DVDs and supports all commonly used device formats and device interfaces. The SDK can be used for all major programming environments on the windows plattform.

The Pixbyte Burning SDK offers you as a developer several interfaces to make: Video DVD, Video CD, SuperVideo CD, Data CD, Data DVD and Audio CD.

The Pixbyte Burning SDK also allows you to: produce ISO Images (Data); burn ISO Images (Data) and burn CUE/BIN Images.

Burning Interfaces

You can use the SDK directly via callback functions and build your own user interface / dialog to start the burning process. You may also use the following predefined SDK GUI Version. This GUI can be used with or without burning options:

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