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TUsersCS (Client/Server version) is a security component designed for applications with high-level security needs. Can be used with any DBMS avaiable on the market and it is multi-application.Some features:* Designed for Client/Server Applications* Can be used with any DBMS avaiable on the market (via ODBC or BDE) - all operations are made using ANSI-SQL.* Multi-Application: users and profiles shared by any number of applications* Users's data can be stored together with the application's data or in a separated database* Maximum two lines of programming* Audit module* Implemented in pure Object Pascal;* No additional extra files are necessary (except the users's database);* The idiom used by the component can be customizable* All users's data can be modified by the security administrator(including users's password)* Auto updates when your menu changes* Users's password are encrypted.In the administration module, the administrator can:* Create users and users profiles;* Associate users with a profile;* Grant permissions of accesses for users (individualy) and for profiles, visually;* Update permissions of access for all users that belongs to a profile;* Change user's data and password;* Enforces the change of password for all users of a profile at each interval of days especified* Put the user (or all users of a profile) in a audit mode, to verify the use of the application by the user, and much more ....

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