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TUsersPRO (PROfessional version) is a component that make simple implement the control of security in programs written in Delphi. With a little configuration at component level in desing time, your application is ready to control the access of its users. With TUsersPRO you do not need to write code for implementing the user's control. You just need to connect it to the TMenu component of your main form and the component take cares of everything for you.How it works:Through the connection with the menu of your application's main form, the TUsersPRO allows that the security administrator of your application grants access to the user for each item in the menu. All the user's accesses are shown in a tree that imitate the menu hierarchy of your application. The administrator just need to click in the desired item to grant or not the user's access to this item. When the user logs in the application, the component TUsersPRO will disable or make invisible (accordingly with the profile the users belongs to) the menu items the user do not have access.Some Features: * TUsersPRO database is stored in a set of Paradox tables protected by a password; * Can be used in Desktop systems as well in networks based systems; * It is implemented in pure Object Pascal; * No additional extra files are necessary (except the users database); * The idiom used by the component can be customizableIn the administration module, the administrator can: * Create users and users profiles; * associate users with a profile; * Grant permissions of accesses for users (individualy) and for profiles, visually; * Update permissions of access for all users that belongs to a profile; * Change user's data and password; * Enforce the change of password for all users of a profile at each interval of days especified, among other actions.

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