TSixFavorite Delphi Component

Delphi component for creating Windows shortcuts to application data




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Description of TSixFavorite Delphi Component:

With the TSixFavorite component you can easily create shortcuts to any data in your Delphi application. The component is very suitable for bookmarking user defined application data, like database records, documents and many more. You can simply create your bookmarks in the Favorites folder, so your data can be recalled from the favorites menu in the Windows (tm) Explorer. The bookmarks are easily reconised by the overlay icon of normal file or internet shortcuts.

(Un)Register your application as a shortcut handler
; Start your application and load the corresponding data when you double click a shortcut
; Don't start another instance of your application when you double-click a second shortcut. Just load the data.
; Automatically display overlay icons and hide always hide extension
; Start your application (with or without warning) from Microsoft Outlook (tm) when sending your shortcuts as attachments.

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