TOutPanel for Delphi/C++ Builder Source

Look and Feel of Outlookbar and VisualBasic Toolbox with expanded functionality




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Description of TOutPanel for Delphi/C++ Builder Source:

TOutPanel is looks and feel MS Outlook, VisualBasic ToolBoxand expands it functionality.Features of TOutPanel:1. Vertical or Horizontal Orientation of groups with different alignment of captions.2. Groups can be scrolled with setted ScrollSpeed.3. Groups can contain different controls.4. Group of TOutpanel can be Enabled or Disabled.5. Office97 features: Flat, HotTrack Tooltips.6. Multimedia features: Backgroud Wallpaper, Rounded and Colored Groups7. TOutPanel Can Be Locked Or Unlocked.'8. Fully customizble at runtime9. Resources internationalized for English and Russian languages

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