Full TGraphic implementation of the GIF graphics format.




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Description of TImage:

Full TGraphic implementation of the GIF graphics format. Reads, writes and displays animated and transparent GIFs and can convert to and from any format supported by TGraphic (e.g TBitmap, TJPEGImage, TIcon, TMetaFile etc.). Implements the complete GIF87a and GIF89a specification and most common GIF extensions. Advanced features include: Integrates with TPicture to add GIF support to the TImage, TOpenPictureDialog and TSavePictureDialog components. Also works at design time. Imports images with more than 256 colors using color quantization and 6 different dithering methods (e.g. floyd s!teinberg). LZW-less compression. Optionally saves GIFs without using the LZW algorithm. This means no more royalties to Unisys if you only write GIFs. Multi threaded drawing engine. GIF optimizer reduces the size of your GIFs. GIF to AVI and AVI to GIF converter.

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