SysInfo (Single License, Preview Release)

A non visual components that shows all information about your system


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Description of SysInfo (Single License, Preview Release):

A non visual components that shows all information about your system, including :Keyboard (Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock State); Display Adapter (Chip, RAM, Revision, Supported Modes); Network (Adapter, Protocols, Local IP & hostname); Device Drivers (3D Accelerators, CD-Rom, USB, Ports, Printer, SCSI, Modem, Keyboard, Monitor, PCMIA, Infrared, Harddisk, Floppy Disk); Locale Information (Language, Currency, Decimal,; Time & Date Format, Time Zone Information); Disk ( Serial Number, Label, Free Disk Space, Total Disk Space, etc); CPU ( Architecture, Level, Version, CPUID, Frequency, Vendor, Family, Stepping, Model, Processor ID, ActiveProcessor ); Memory ( Max & Min Application Address, Swap File Size & Usage, Physical Memory Total & Free, VirtualMemory Total & Free, etc); Resources ( GDI, User, System); Operating System ( Registry Owner & Company, Version, Product Information, Boot Drive, Updates, etc); APM (Battery life time, AC Line Status, etc); BIOS (Date, Name, Copyright)Memory Status, Drives); Printers; Ports (LPT & COM); Windows 2000 Services; TWAIN devices; PCI devices
Please note:This is Preview Release version may not work in some system. Please don't buy this software if you want full satisfaction.

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