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Convenient and functional set a component for Delphi. Opportunities of this product will allow you to completely replace standard Panel component for




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Opportunities of SyntPanel components:
Themes manager. Save/Load themes (Ini file or registry).; Title - Two kinds of a portrayal of title: Normal and RoundRect.
3 condition of title: Normal, Hot, Disabled.; Brief list of some adjustments of heading: Alignment, GlyphAlignment, Cursor, Hint, DrawEndEllipsis, PopupMenu, etc... ; Background for the panel and title (Fast draw).; Moving and Resizing in RunTime.; Enabled mode; Collapsed mode; Included themes (Outlook panel both WinXP TaskBar emulation and etc...). Also flexible opportunity of creation of own visual style.; GradientStartOffset - Allows to displace a beginning gradient (Percent).; For icons is present Glyph or ImageList's. ; Enhanced events: OnTitleClick, OnTitleDblClick, OnPopupMenu, OnTitlePopupMenu, OnTitleMouseDown, OnTitleMouseUp.; Windows XP visual styles support.

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