SvCom is an implementation of DCOM server in NT service feature for Delphi




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Description of SvCom:

The SvCom is service development and security management tool for Delphi 3, 4 and 5. It can be used to:- to write an ordinary Windows NT Services. It is possible both in D3 and D4.- to write a service that can be started not only as service but as an ordinary exe too.- to simplify the debugging of services. Even the Delphi Integrated Debugger can be used for this purpose.- to write single- and multi-services applications.- to write interactive services.- to write the DCOM server that works in the service. Note that it can not be done with D4 tools in spite of it supports both DCOM and services. See the article about the "DCOM-server-NEAR-service" on my homepage.- to write the DCOM server with pausing capability. It allows new connections while existing ones continue to work. It allows to protectclients from data loss.- to manipulate Windows NT SIDs, Security Descriptors, ACLs, Privileges and so on

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