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Delphi (5 and 6) and C++ Builder components for professional database application development: direct connection using server API, transaction support




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Description of SQLRoots Database Components - 5 developers license:

Optimized server access

The SQLRoots components connect directly to a database server using its API. Using SQLRoots does not require an other level (SQLLinks, BDE, etc.) offering thus great advantages such as speed and an easy utilization.

SQLRoots components are derived from TComponent, so they can be used with any Delphi edition . SRDBGate makes the link between SQLRoots and the standard Delphi components (the visual component for data access and for reports).

All SQLRoots based applications are implicitly optimized in point of data access speed for the following reasons:the data access components use local buffers   ; the lookup fields are populated using a single SQL statement (the same statement as the basetable fields). For example, for a 10 records table with 10 lookups SQLRoots components need only one select statement, instead of 1 statement for the basetable plus other 10 statements for each of the lookups in each rows (adding up to a total of 101 statements) as other dataset components would need. Moreover, these lookup fields are read-write fields .
Built-in functionality and advanced visual controls

The query mode replaces all the necessary filter forms. The filtering operation can now be done in the same formwith all the other operations by simply pressing a key for changing the dataset mode.

All the SQLRoots datasets use the minimum number of fetch operations: SRBlock and SRQuery have local buffers furnished only with the records being displayed, SRCursor and SRCommand retrieve the records only when the Fetch method is explicitly called. This traffic minimization enables the use of the database server to its full capacity, even over low bandwidth connections.

All the visual controls (SREditColumns, SRComboColumns, SRCheckBoxColumns, SRMemoColumns) can be used as single items, a column of items or can be grouped to form a mixed grid . Each SREditColumn item can have a different appearance depending on its value.

SQLRoots offers automatically generated forms for lookup list of values , replaceable with customized forms when necessary.
Full support services, extended documentation

Visit http://www.sqlroots.com for:
fully-functional demo; sample and demo applications; on-line documentation; support services

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