ProjectPLUS Package for User License

Package consists of 45 components for Delphi 3/4/5




$50 (USD)


Platform independent

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Description of ProjectPLUS Package for User License:

ProjectPLUS 3.0 package consists of 45 components to
help make development using Delphi a little easier.
Included are large collection of functions and routines.
Some components providing functions you may have seen used
in non-Delphi applications as well as a few additional
ones providing additional special effects and facilities.
Some of the components are listed below:

TShortCutMaker: create shortcut on any places of windows
TOpenMaster: register file extension with program
TPathsWizard: find out almost all Windows system paths
TTrialGuard: turn program in trial with anti debugging
TInvisibleApp: totally hides the application from a user
TPasswords: find out saved passwords of Internet explorer
TDateRoutine: over 25 procedures and functions of date routine
TKeyboard: watch and record every press of the keyboard
Many, many more

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