Nix Components? Standard Edition

A multi-purpose, one-stop suite of over 77 innovative components for Borland Delphi and C++Builder.




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Description of Nix Components? Standard Edition:

Nix Components is a cross-platform, one-stop suite of native components for Borland Delphi and C++Builder. The product features over 77 components, including visual controls for enhancing the look and feel of the user interface of your applications, enhanced data-aware controls for enhancing your database-driven applications and, furthermore, non-visual components that allow for easy interaction with the end-user's system without any knowledge of the Windows API.Furthermore, core units declare a handful of published procedures and functions in order to help you achieve miscellaneous tasks easily and without hassle. Finally, Nix Components also enriches your development environment by registering enhanced property editors for classes such as TStrings and TCaption.Unlike the Professional edition, this edition does not include data-aware controls.For more detailed, up-to-date information regarding Nix Components, please visit our Web site at:

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