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Description of IP-Stripper DLL:

Feed an email header (line by line) into the DLL and it will strip out all data except for the I/P addresses. It will then check to see that the I/P addresses are valid Internet address ranges, deleting reserved ranges from the list.

The list can be checked against a list that the dll can save to the local folder. The IP addresses can also be returned as DWords.

It's a handy utility that can be used with anti-spam software to record the origins of junkmail. It can quickly build up a list (held as a text file) of spammer's IP addresses. There's also a facility to remove I/P addresses from the list.

The phillospophy is that if the email is spam, record the I/P and check those I/Ps against unknown incoming email. If the I/P is present and is included in an incoming, friendly email then it can be removed.

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