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A revolutionary new way to create your Web Applications - Create, Debug and Maintain web-based applications as quickly and easily as your normal Delphi App using IntraWeb.




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Description of IntraWeb for VCL:

IntraWeb is the world's first weblication (web application) development environment and is a radical new technology that does for the web what Visual Basic and Delphi did for Windows. IntraWeb is so innovative that Borland has licensed IntraWeb as a part of Delphi 7. IntraWeb is not just for Delphi however, IntraWeb is available for Delphi, C++, Java and Visual (Coming soon).Based on a powerful HTML rendering engine, IntraWeb allows developers to design web applications in the same way as they would normal Windows applications. Using a drag and drop approach, developers can drop controls on forms (which can be thought of as a combination between HTML pages and forms), hook up events and set properties. The code behind the application is pure code and does not require any knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.The result is a full-blown application server that resides on a server machine and can be accessed by clients using a browser. No ActiveX or Java is required. All the output is a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Apart from allowing deployment of a standalone server (built-in web server), IntraWeb allows the developer a number of deployment options such as ISAPI or Apache DSO?s. IntraWeb applications can be deployed on Windows, Linux (using Kylix), or any Java platform.IntraWeb for VCL License Options (Click to buy from ShareIt):IntraWeb for VCL - 1 Year SubscriptionIntraWeb for VCL - 2 Year SubscriptionIntraWeb for VCL - 3 Year SubscriptionIntraWeb Site License - 1 Year SubscriptionIntraWeb Site License - 2 Year Subscription

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