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HTMLHelp Connect is easy for use context sensitive help in delphi applications.



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Description of HTMLHelp Connect:

Whatcan HTMLHelp Connect do for you?
HTMLHelp Connectis a component for Delphi developers to easy integrate HTML Help inapplications.

HTMLHelpConnect is the otherway to write context sensitive directhelp without help context numbers. It enables you to write thecontext help direct in the help topic for the form. Add thecomponent to your application.

You need not write separate help topics for each context, but you can doit.
You need not assign help context numbers in the Delphi IDE propertyeditor for the controls, but you can do it.

Context sensitive direct help is not shown in a separate popup window. It isonly a #bookmark for the component help statement, placed in thehelp topic for the form.

For example: The name of the topic isthe form name + '.htm'. The bookmark <A NAME="..." isthe component name of controls in the form, you want create help for.
Bookmarks enable you to link to a specific location in a help topic. For directhelp the HTMLHelp Connect does simply jump to the bookmark.

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