Delphi component with scrolling pages like the outlook bar in MS Outlook & OutlookExpress with extended features




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Description of HDOutlookBar2000:

HDOutlookBar2000 is a visible componentfor BORLAND DELPHI developers supporting D4, D5, D6 & D7.
Simply drop a HDOutlookbarcomponent on your form. With the object inspector you can change the properties and behavior ofthis control (see demo application).
Right mouse click and add a new HDOutlookpage to the control. Change the properties and events of this controllike page scrolling, scroll delay, scroll increment or button style and buttoncursor.
Again click right and add the ButtonControl to the page. In the object inspector doubleclick on "Buttons" and add buttons, change
images, button heights, button captions and so on. Each button can be singleedited. Buttons can behave like normal buttons, can be grouped like checkbuttonsor look like the buttons in MS Outlook.
This extended component will give your application the professional touch.
Demo comes with compiled packages for D4, D5, D6 & D7, compiled units for installing component in your IDE and a Demo.exe application.

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