EurekaLog 4.0 Enterprise version

EurekaLog 4.0 is beatufull Delphi exception log.




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Description of EurekaLog 4.0 Enterprise version:

EurekaLog is a friendly tool that help you to find and kill every application BUGS. With full integration into Delphi IDE you can compile your applications (GUI, Concole, Web, ...) with the new ability to intercept every exceptions kind, tracert a detailed and customizable log of every code point executed between the application execution and the moment of exceptions raises (showing address, module, unit, class, procedure/method,line n. and much more). This log is stored and sended via e-mail to you.It don't decrease the application performances because it works only when an exceptions is raises and increases the compiled file size about 0.5% - 4%, uses this space to stored some additional, compressed and cifrated, debug informations.EurekaLog is compatible with Delphi 3-4-5-6-7, exists in three version, Standard, Professional and Enterprise and works in all Windows platform from Win 95 to Win XP.

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