DbAltGrid Suite

DbAltGrid allows free-form layout, hierarchical columns structure, and RTF support in a DBGrid descendant.




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Description of DbAltGrid Suite:

The DbAltGrid adds the following features to Borland's DBGrid: - Free-form layout, multiple lines of cells within a row.- Hierarchical columns structure.- Auto-scaling of column widths.- Comfortable in-place editing of numeric, Boolean, date, time, memo, RTF memo, and graphic fields.- Record view as RTF text.- Word-wraping cell text and displaying it in a hint window.- Alternate row coloring.- Indication of URL in a cell.- Images in column headers.- Control of record appending, Enter to Tab key conversion, multi-selecting start.- Saving and loading a grid properties to and from a text file, a stream, a resource file/compiled resource, or the system registry.DbAltGrid is a DBGrid descendant and is fully compatible with it. By converting to DbAltGrid, you will not get any code conflict or loss in grid functionality.

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