CoolMenus Standard

Set of highly advanced menu components




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Description of CoolMenus Standard:

CoolMenus being one of the oldest menu packages on the market provides you with the way to create the most advanced menus you ever seen. The great range of features allows you to customize your menus in any possible way. In your menus you can have: -Any picture, font, wallpaper, cursor. -Cool vertical bar with text (as one that can be found in Windows95 start menu). Can be painted as gradient or not, left or right aligned, with or without wallpaper and other hot features. -Bevels for menu items (for whole item/for image only/for text part only, rectangular or rounded). -Standard TMenuItem properties are supported (include hot keys, shortcuts and menu breaks). -3D menu items captions. -Main menu bar itself can be easily customized. -Angled images and captions of the menu items. -Instant hints for menu items -You can add AVI animation to your menu items. -You can play animated icons and create animation of your own. -You can add WAV sounds to your menu items. Media files can be linked DIRECTLY to your EXE module. No additional files to distribute. -Database (data aware) menu component also available. Full design time preview. Easy to use and helpful design windows. Support for editions saving/loading. Helps and samples are available.

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