AHM Menu Components Triton 2002 (No Source)

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Triton 2002


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Description of AHM Menu Components Triton 2002 (No Source):

The Menu Components that do it all are a set of 4 Components that work as a full replacement of Delphi's own Menus. In fact they do not even work together with them at all. Use these components to adjust the look and feel of all Menus in your Application. There is a TAHMMainMenu which replaces the Main Menu Component that ships with Delphi. This component can do everything that a normal Main Menu can do aswell as what a PopupMenu can do. You can set Images for the Backgrounds of the individual SubMenus, Glyphs and even Menubars like those seen on the Windows Start Menu can now be added to your own Application. TAHMPopupMenu can do the same handy tricks for PopupMenus. The TAHMFormMenu Component replaces the menu that is attached to your form on the Caption Bar. Now you can create your own System Menus and have all the flexibility that the other three Menu Components have. TAHMApplication Menu is a replacement for the Menu that pops up when you right click your

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