AHM Enhanced Components Triton 2002 (No Source)

AHM Enhanced Components Triton 2000 (No Source)


Triton 2002


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Description of AHM Enhanced Components Triton 2002 (No Source):

The Enhanced Components are, just like the name indicates, enhanced versions of the original Borland controls. These components allow you to set backgrounds using texture bitmaps, gradients, brushes and colours. The collection includes office style controls like the Officebutton and the Internet-Explorer button. It also contains an easy to use Splash screen component and a presentation component that allows you to configure a slideshow using over 50 different effects. All components are enabled to make use of background images, gradients, colours and even brushes. All captions can have 3D Font styles and more. Download yourself the trial version now to put some colour into your applications or to create effects that will truly impress your customers.

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