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WeOnlyDo! Shell ContextMenu component is small component that installs itself as ContextMenu handler for your explorer, providing VB applications full



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Windows All Versions

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Description of WeOnlyDo! ShellMenu Component:

Ever wanted to add that little tiny winy item to My Computer context menu, such as 'Shutdown Now'. Ha! It's one of the samples here - you can do it with few lines of code. Uh?! Did I say code? It will more look like kids play than actual VB code. It's THAT easy.

Ever wanted to integrate your product with desktop? For instance, you create conversion software, and you want to be able to change BMP to JPG on the fly? No problem! You implement code for it, wodShellMenu will provide context menu so when someone clicks on BMP your application is called, and you do the rest.

Why would you even consider writing your own context menu handlers for explorer. You want to have problems with file locking? On each update you make to context DLL file, you have to restart explorer? No Way! You want to think about communication between explorer and your application? Different processes? Different threads? Exchanging content? Doh! Give me a break! You don't need to worry about things like that with wodShellMenu!

Although it's primary developed for application software, many of you will find its use also as simple utility. In few seconds you can make it behave just as you want, add menus to specific items and handle them with ease - from VB event!

Adding pictures is easy. wodShellMenu has internal database of about 70 pictures, but you can use external also. No matter if it's BMP file, or DLL or EXE or any resource on your computer, wodShellMenu will know how to load it and show next to menu item. All you need is to be careful about it's size - it's 13x13. Leave the rest up to wodShellMenu.

And enjoy! We had fun writing this component and use it a lot in everyday work. We hope you will too!


NOTE: In DEMO version, sometimes wodShellMenu will add 'unregistered' menu item, and sometimes will popup with About box. Also, AfterClick event is never fired in DEMO version

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