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Interested in having a MailServer? If you need both Smtp and Pop3 server, get them packaged together with discount! As a gift, you will get also LITE




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Description of WeOnlyDo! MailServer Com Objects and ActiveX Controls:

WeOnlyDo! Mail Server is a set of components to create standalone full mail server system on your network. It contains our Pop3Server, SmtpServer and Mailbox LITE components. Combined all three together, they make a powerful package that can be used to receive incoming mail from outer networks, usually Internet, to provide Pop3 mailboxes to your employees. Using strength of Mailbox component, you can access complete users' mailboxes at one. Just open user's mailbox, get information about messages, delete them, add new ones, create messages on the fly, etc..

Imagine what you could do with MailServer components:
you can deny spam email to be forwarded to users' mailboxes ; you can create messages on the fly for each user ; you can add messages to their mailboxes as needed ; you can change information in their mailboxes, unzip files for them... ; you can publish attached files directly to your public folder ; you can automatically, as new email arrives, open it on your screen - just the way you want it ; you can send messages to your coworkers just by writing to their mailboxes - and do it professionally ; you can extract messages directly from your mailbox and open it in your favorite mail client ; ....
Can you think of more? Sure you can. You will find a place for this package, depending on your needs.

Both Pop3Server and SmtpServer components are same as in separate packages. Mailbox LITE component is a version of Mailbox component that doesn't allow creating of new messages automatically - you might not need this kind of tool anyway, since server side of managing mail doesn't really go that deep as accessing mail messages. Even without this feature, what Mailbox provides is sufficient for you to parse your messages from outside.

Since MailServer includes Pop3Server and MailServer (and Mailbox as a gift), please go to appropriate page to obtain helpfile list, demo or release notes. All customers that are registered for both Pop3Server and SmtpServer should send email to sales@weonlydo.com to get LITE version of Mailbox for free.

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