VLViewport (Four Developers Pack)

Cramped for space on your forms? You don't have to resort to multipleforms or tabs, use VLViewPort and get scrollable viewport.




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Description of VLViewport (Four Developers Pack):

VLViewPort container control provides a scrollable viewport. It lets you specify the viewport extent and allows scrolling of the view whenever your form is smaller than the specified extents. It also supports automatic calculation of viewport extent based on the position of it's contained controls.
Auto adjust extent mode handles even dynamically added controls(controls that you add to the viewport control at runtime).
Key FeaturesAutomatic adjustment of viewport extent; Automatically display or hide scrollbars; Automatic scrolling of view port when user tabs through the contained controls; Automatic filling of control's container, with margins on all sizes, on container resizes; Control margins beyond the right most and bottom most contained controls

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