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VisualSoft FTP is a client-side component that enables rapid transfer of files from the local hard disk to an FTP server.




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Description of VisualSoft FTP:

Datasheet- Element5- FTP
What is VisualSoft FTP?

VisualSoft FTP is a client-side component for rapid transfer of files from the local hard disk to an FTP server. Being a COM component it can be used in Active Server Pages (ASP) or in any COM compliant IDE?s.

Users can transfer high-volume files of any format, such as Word documents, images, executables or plain text. The component is compliant with RFC 959 and RFC 1579 (Firewall friendly RFC).

VisualSoft FTP performs operations such as transfer of files to and from the FTP server, appending or creating directories in the FTP server. Handling network errors is also one of the key features of this component.

Users no longer need to worry for the interruptions caused during a file transfer, either due to a server problem or due to a network error. VisualSoft FTP provides methods to resume file transfer, when an interruption occurs.

FTP supports firewall authentication. It authenticates users, when they try to connect to the server through a proxy.

VisualSoft FTP supports the following Interfaces


; FTPProxy


; FTPServerToServer

; Cab

What's new?

; Supports Microsoft .NET Technology.

; Available both as a COM DLL and ActiveX control.

; SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support to ensure security during a file transfer

; Available as an ActiveX Control

; Facilitates uploading/downloading directories

; New Cab Interface for compression and extraction of files with the following methods
PrepareCab ; ExtractCab
 Key Features

; Supports multiple uploading/downloading of files to and from the FTP server

; Supports Server to Server communication for transferring files

; Facilitates exporting and importing files from database

; Allows setting file and directory permissions on server

; Supports firewall authentication

; MTS enabled

; Resumes file transfer after an interruption

; Supports proxy (MS Proxy and Netscape Proxy)

; Supports TFTP

; Compliant with RFC 959/ 1579


VisualSoft FTP is compatible with following platforms

; Microsoft Visual Studio 5.0

; Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

; Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

; Borland Products (Delphi & C++)

; Microsoft Office 97/2000

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