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vbUnit3 - Framework for automated Unit Testing of Visual Basic and COM Objects




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vbUnit3 is a developer tool that allows to write and run automated unit tests against Visual Basic and COM objects. It is especially designed for incremental development with the "Test First" approach, where tests for a piece of code are written before the actual implementation, and where all tests are run after each little change, but it can also be used for other forms of unit and regression testing. With predefined project and class templates, a greatly simplified test creation API, automatic extraction of TestMethods, and integration into the VB IDE, vbUnit3 offers very fast turnaround times between writing tests, running them, and using the results, to make this style of development as easy and as comfortable as possible.The integrated TestRunner allows you to run tests from the VB IDE and to click on the results to jump to the corresponding line of code. Stepping through test code is completely transparent and is as simple as using the VB Debugger itself. Finally, the new vbUnit3 tutorial should even get developers that are new to testing up to speed very quickly. Using vbUnit really is now easier than ever.

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