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Description of TachyonWipe:

TachyonWipe is the only ActiveX component on the market that handles Secure Deletion of files beyond recovery. It supports the following Wiping algorithms:

1. The Peter Gutmann algorithm

The file is overwritten 35 times by defined rules. This is many times more secure than the NSA file shredding standards. It takes into consideration the type of magnetic encoding the drive uses and uses specific algorithms to remove any trace of magnetic reminiscence from which files may be reconstituted.

2. NSA algorithm described in "National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual" (US DoD 5220.22-M)

Data will be overwritten 7 times by predefined rules, TachyonWipe also supports a faster method which still abides by these rules but where data is overwritten only 3 times.

3. Random data overwrite algorithm

For super-fast wiping of files beyond normal software recovery! This means that you will not be able to undelete files using software programs, but a government institution may be able to recover the files, given enough time with specialized expensive tools.

You can download a fully-functional free trial version now with which you can start creating your own brand of a File Shredder! A sample application is included in the package.

Please note: This is an ActiveX component for Developers/Programmers only! It is not a consumer product.

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