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Description of Skin based TAB Control > 3 Licenses:

The Exontrol ExTab component is a SKIN based TAB control. A tab control is analogous to the dividers in a notebook or the labels in a file cabinet. By using a tab control, an application can define multiple pages for the same area of a form or dialog box. Each page consists of a certain type of information or a group of controls that the application displays when the user selects the corresponding tab. The Exontrol ExTab library includes two components: TabBuilder and Tab components. The TabBuilder component helps to edit, create skin files using a WYSWYG editor. The Tab control can use any skin file created by the TabBuilder component.

Features include:
Fully customizable. ; Ability to create new skin TAB files using a WYSWYG skin editor. ; WYSWYG Template/Layout Editor support ; Built-in HTML support ; 8 predefined TAB styles. ; Ability to compress the skin files no matter if they contain BMP, GIF, JPG or any other image formats. ; Ability to edit the look and feel of the control at design mode. ; Ability to insert new controls in any page at the design mode as well as at runtime mode. ; Ability to show or hide tabs. ; Ability to change the position for any page. ; Ability to include new icon files by drag and drop, using the ImageList panel. ; UNICODE and ANSI versions available ; built using 100% ATL

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