ReSizerX - resizing solution for MS Visual Basic 6.0

A solution for management of controls positions and sizes in MS Visual Basic 6.0 projects.



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Description of ReSizerX - resizing solution for MS Visual Basic 6.0:

The ReSizer control is a powerful and yet simple solution for management of controls positions and sizes in any MS Visual Basic 6.0 container (Form, UserControl, UserDocument, etc.). You just place one ReSizer per container. You do not have to write a single line of code to manage control repositioning ? just set the ReSizer properties at design time with the easy to use property pages. All standard Visual Basic controls are supported as well as 3rd party ActiveX controls intending to work in MS Visual Basic 6.0, including SSTab.

At design time a developer provides an absolute change (in percentage) in the control dimension with respect to the corresponding container dimension change. At run time, control processes changes in the container?s dimensions and adjusts control size and position according to the proportion set at design-time. For more advanced solutions you can add controls dynamically and set their resizing properties at run time.

Features at a glance
Adjusts control size and position proportionally to the change of the corresponding container size and position; Provides WYSIWYG property pages to set control properties at design-time; Picks up controls at design-time automatically; Functions in VB IDE; Allows to limit container minimum and maximum tracking sizes; Marks control in VB IDE Form Designer when its resizing properties are being changed on the property page; Allows to change color with which the control is marked in VB IDE Form Designer; Allows to change resizing properties of multiple selected controls simultaneously; Supports nested and composite containers, such as in this sample chain: Form - PictureBox - UserControl, etc.; Is tolerant to differences in ScaleMode units on composite and nested containers; Exposes events for notification of start and finish of the resize operation; Allows to programmatically abandon resize operation ; Allows to refresh resizable controls programmatically to handle controls loaded at run-time; Is invisible at run-time

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